About Us

Since 2008, the father-son duo, Chris and Carter Funk have been transforming the property management industry. They got their start initially purchasing distressed Real Estate assets and renovating them for long-term tenant lease-up, during the early stages of the REO-to-Rent business model. After the REO supply started to diminish, they began focusing their energy on building superior quality Build-to-Rent investment properties for investors looking for a reliable and stable passive income. SunCoast Property Management was built by investors … for investors. The SunCoast Property Management team understands the importance of managing real estate and operates with the knowledge that our goals and your goals must be aligned. The team successfully manages thousands of Single-Family and Multi-Family properties.

Our Vision

Transforming the property management industry by connecting owners and residents with a superior level of customer service and dedicated management services.

Our Mission

Delivering a long term, high-level of customer service with a strong, professional, and committed management team.

Our Values

Full transparency and integrity coupled with accountability, professionalism, and honesty. These values are paramount to your entire management team.

Integrated Operations

SunCoast Property Management, an affiliate of Southern Impression Homes, provides ongoing staffing and operational support. This allows us to provide our buyers with quality build-to-rent opportunities at lower payroll and overhead costs than our competitors. It also allows us to ensure our communities remain in excellent shape now and in the future, through sensible and responsible upkeep.

Pre-Construction Contracts

The vast majority of Southern Impression Homes are sold prior to construction, to investors looking to expand their rental portfolios. Our Buyers can secure their purchase contracts with a 10% binder deposit in most instances, subject to approval.

It's in the Numbers

We are always looking for new markets that meet the metrics and demographics for us to develop build-to-rent communities. When we pick an area to build in, we consider all rental factors. If the median income in an area isn’t three times the expected annual rent, then it is not viable. We also consider desirability factors like nearby education, police enforcement, and potential future development to understand how these factors may impact build-to-rent homes and their surrounding communities.