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3 Design Trends to Consider for Your Rental

By August 1, 2022 September 14th, 2022 No Comments

There are some things that tend to be very common with rental properties. However, just because something is common doesn’t mean it should be something you embrace.

With the right design trends, you can make your rental property stand out. Potential tenants will be more inclined to rent from you and will love what you’ve provided.

Let’s look at three of the design trends you should consider for your rental property.

1. Add Color to the Walls

It’s so common to find a rental with simple white walls. White is boring and it doesn’t help you stand out at all. Instead of white, why not add some color to your walls?

Most tenants don’t want white walls and they also don’t want to have to paint the walls when they move in. They want some colors and they want something that looks amazing.

You can paint the interior of your rental property with lighter colors or you can choose to go a bit bolder. If you want to stand out, choose bolder colors that work together and create a wonderful looking interior without the simple white-on-white found in every rental property across the country.

2. Consider House Plants

Renters love plants and if you add the right houseplants you can really make your property stand out. Succulents, ivy plants, and herbs are all good choices.

Not only do plants add to the aesthetics of the property, but they can also provide health benefits. They can boost the level of oxygen and help to reduce the carbon footprint. Real houseplants in a rental is a design trend that will help you stand out.

3. A Modern Look

Modernism is very trendy and has been for a few years now. Whether it’s designing the interior with wood cabinets or adding Terrazzo flooring, modern design will appeal to many tenants.

Modern designs tend to outlast the more extreme design trends, as well. They can be very timeless and offer something for a variety of tenants to enjoy.

Trends to Avoid with a Rental

Along with these three design trends to consider, there are a few things you should avoid with your rental property. Let’s look at three design trends all landlords should avoid at all costs.

1. Granite Countertops

Yes, so many people think granite countertops are amazing, but they are expensive and the trend isn’t standing up as well as it once did. There are more affordable options offering just as much durability out there, such as treated laminate or quartz.

2. Hanging Racks for Pots and Pans

While hanging racks for pots and pans were once popular, this design trend is outdated and should be avoided. It can make the kitchen look cluttered and many people don’t care for this type of setup anymore.

3. Lack of Window Treatments

Many tenants want some type of window treatment to provide privacy. They don’t want to have to handle this on their own. Adding blinds, shutters, curtains, or any other type of window treatment is a good idea and will help your property stand out.

As a landlord, you want to make sure your rental property stands out and attracts good tenants. Use these design trends for your rental to ensure you choose the right options when remodeling or even just painting.