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5 Perfect End of Year Projects for Your Home

By September 28, 2022 September 30th, 2022 No Comments

The year is almost over, but you still want to handle some home projects. Even though the holiday season is around the corner, there are some projects you will want to do during the winter months.

The winter in some areas isn’t as cold as in others, but it still offers a great time of the year for certain home projects. Let’s look at five of the best projects to handle for your home before the end of the year.

Painting the Interior of Your Home

While heating and air conditioning allow painters to work year-round, the best time of year for painting the interior of your home is the winter season. Since the temperatures will be lower and it won’t be as humid, the paint won’t take as long to dry. This means it will likely dry evenly and give you a better paint job, overall.

Any Electrical Updates

If you need to do electrical work, the winter is a great time to handle it, unless it’s raining. You won’t have to compete with other homeowners trying to do the same type of projects and you might be able to score a better price. Since it’s an interior project, the weather won’t have a huge impact on how fast the project can be done.

Full-Room Remodeling Projects

Depending on your situation, the winter might be the perfect time for a full-room remodeling project. Maybe you’re a landlord and your property will be vacant during the winter. Maybe you have a two-week vacation planned and you want to have a remodeling project done while you’re gone.

Even if you’re just looking for a time of year where you can get a lower price, the winter offers a great option for a full-room remodeling project. Since the schedules of contractors tend to open up during the winter, you can usually score better rates.

Whether you want to handle a bathroom remodeling project or a kitchen remodel, the winter can be a great time to finish the project. You will avoid the busy summer home improvement season and probably pay a bit less for labor.

Add New Flooring

Another interior project you can get done during the winter is adding new flooring. If you’re doing a full-room remodel, flooring will likely be a part of the project. Even if you just want to have flooring done, the winter season is a great time to handle this remodeling project.

Before the end of the year, you can add flooring to your entire house or to just one or two rooms. It’s a good time for this type of project, especially if you choose a type of flooring that needs time to cure. The low humidity makes it easier for the flooring to cure faster.

Add a Deck

It might seem like the winter isn’t a good time to add a deck, but it’s actually the best time. Deck builders believe that pressure-treated wood will stabilize best during times of low humidity. In addition, they tend to be a bit slower during the winter months.

If you’re looking to handle a few home projects before the end of the year these five should be high on your list.