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Five of the Top Growing Areas for Renters in Georgia

By February 1, 2023 No Comments

Are you considering investing in rental properties throughout Georgia? With the right property management team and smart investments, you can build up cash flow and equity in your rental properties over time. Of course, you want to choose the right places to invest as the actual community will make a big difference.

There are several sound investment opportunities throughout Georgia. Let’s look at five of the top areas for renters throughout the state to help you figure out where you should invest in real estate.

Roswell, GA

One of the top suburbs of Atlanta with a growing population and renters moving into the area is Roswell. This area has seen the population grow year over year and the rental market is rather hot. It has been reported that landlords see more than 60 leads per property when they list rentals and they only stay on the market for about 12 days.

The average rent in Roswell is about $1,295 and the median sales price for homes is around $400K.

Marietta, GA

Another Atlanta suburb, Marietta is a very popular place to call home. It’s a desirable place to live with a growing population and home values increasing more year-over-year than some of the other nearby areas.

The average rental price here is about $1,332, while rental properties only stay on the market for about two weeks. Landlords see, on average, 30 leads per property as rentals are in high demand in Marietta, GA.

Lithia Springs, GA

a unique place to call home near Sweetwater Creek State Park, Lithia Springs is an attractive place for investors due to the high rental price increases. A one-bedroom rental goes for about $1,050 here and rent has been increasing at about 12% per year.

Lithia Springs is also close to Six Flags Over Georgia and only about 20 minutes from Atlanta. It’s a popular place for renters looking for slightly lower prices just outside the city.

Stone Mountain, GA

Renters are starting to flock to the Stone Mountain area due to the affordability, but that may be short-lived. Rent is going up at nearly 13% each year with the average rent for a one-bedroom rental at about $850 right now.

Stone Mountain offers a beautiful place to call home and provides a location close enough to head into Atlanta, too. It’s filled with trails and places outside for residents to enjoy.

Atlanta, GA

Another good choice for investors looking for an area with a growing rental population, Atlanta has seen population growth of about 4% year-over-year. It’s known for more affordable properties with an average rental at about $1,100. Properties don’t stay on the market long and landlords see about 10 leads per property for a rental in Atlanta.

There are several great suburbs around Atlanta ripe for real estate investors. Whether you’re looking to invest in rental homes or multi-family properties, this area in Georgia has plenty of opportunities. Many of the suburbs are becoming more and more popular with renters as home prices rise and become harder for buyers in the area to afford.