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How to Deal with Difficult Tenants – Tips for Conflict Resolution and Communication

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Being a landlord with difficult tenants can be a daunting challenge. But knowing how to effectively handle these scenarios will help ensure your property remains rented.

The initial step in conflict resolution is to comprehend underlying needs and preferences. Once you understand these, you can craft win/win solutions that both parties can accept.

Conflict Resolution Tips for Better Communication

1. Keep Your Cool

Few things are more frustrating for a property owner than dealing with difficult tenants. These individuals can cause extensive damage, bring in unauthorized occupants and even fail to pay their rent.

Maintaining your cool is key to solving problems quickly and amicably. But remember: being too hot-headed only makes matters worse!

When dealing with a tenant, stay composed and listen attentively to their complaints. A trustworthy tenant will respect you if they feel as though you are taking their concerns seriously.

Remember, some tenants may just be frustrated by circumstances beyond your control. Take a step back and try to understand their actions, emotions, and attitude in order to better comprehend them. Doing this will help you avoid confrontations and keep your tenants on your property for the long run.

2. Listen More Than You Talk

Although dealing with difficult tenants can be a hassle, they are an inevitable part of the job. Even with stringent screening procedures, bad actors will inevitably slip through. While there’s no single solution to this issue, you can try your best to mitigate it through good old-fashioned courtesy, patience, and logic.

Negotiating a lease or managing an argument can be complicated. The most important rule of thumb when doing so is to remain cool, calm, and collected – this will help you avoid making major missteps or worse, losing your sanity in the process.

3. Ask for Help

One of the most essential tasks a landlord can do to guarantee long-term success is cultivating an excellent rapport with their tenants. Maintaining such a connection can be challenging when there are problems or disagreements, but it’s essential that those issues be resolved swiftly and amicably.

If your tenant is being particularly difficult, it might be beneficial to consult an experienced real estate professional for guidance on how best to handle them and prevent issues in the future. They have valuable insight and can offer suggestions on handling difficult tenants effectively and prevent future issues from arising.

4. Ask Them to Leave


When a conflict has reached an impasse, it may be time to ask them to leave. This can be done with tact, patience, and some effort on your part but requires tact, persistence, and good communication beforehand.

One way to accomplish this is by sending them written notice that they must vacate the property per their lease agreement. This is an efficient way of getting them out without needing costly evictions.

Another effective approach for dealing with difficult tenants is keeping a record of your conversations with them. This will be useful if the matter ever needs to be presented before a board or legal body, and it also gives you insight into what went wrong and how best to fix it.

When you have a solid property management company to help you, dealing with difficult tenants isn’t your job anymore. This can make it much easier to handle.

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