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How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

By October 14, 2020 February 21st, 2021 No Comments

Attention homeowners that either currently lease out their home or are considering leasing out their home. Today we are going over a “cheat sheet” if you will on how to keep your tenants happy. When your tenants are comfortable and treating your property as if it were their own, your life is automatically made easier. However, you may often wonder how you make sure that you and your resident have a positive rental experience. Well, we can answer that for you…. It just requires a little bit of time and energy invested in your properties and your new tenant.


Of course, we can’t make everyone happy, but as long as you and Suncoast Property Management are clear with the expectations that are set at the tenant screening process, the potential resident generally understands and appreciate the rules.  It truly is important to ensure that the new tenant understands the rules regarding pets, noise levels, maintenance requirements, and the monthly rental payments (including late fees), we will be able to prevent any misunderstandings and any possible issues that could arise during their tenancy. By being as transparent as we possibly can, we can hopefully address any concerns before a lease is even signed.

Utilizing our Owner and Tenant Software

Every single one of our Owners and Tenants has their very own login to our property management software. For you, the investor, you are able to see all maintenance requests, all incoming funds, and outgoing expenses, have the ability to see your tenant’s payment history, and have access to all documents related to your property. Additionally, your resident will have their very own login to our property management software where they can submit work orders for maintenance, communicate with our maintenance and property management staff, and make their monthly payment online as well as see their payments history. This convenience doesn’t cost you nor the resident any additional funds and it creates a positive relationship by having multiple lines of communication between Suncoast Property Management, our owners, and your tenants.

Scheduled Maintenance

Having Suncoast Property Management perform scheduled maintenance on your properties can inspire confidence and assure the resident that we are interested in their quality of living space. We have found that scheduled maintenance on your property costs the owner less over time, as they are better maintaining the property versus waiting until something goes wrong. The more well-kept your property is, the more quality tenants you’ll attract. Taking simple measures like having lawn maintenance performed as a part of the monthly rental payment is a great way to make sure your property always has an appealing look. Additionally, quickly responding to any maintenance request will show your tenants that you care about them. The bottom line is that small, preventative maintenance can prevent bigger issues and make your residents feel secure in their home. After all, you may own the property, but someone else calls it home.


Giving incentives to your tenants is a sure-fire way to make your tenants feel welcome and appreciated. If they feel appreciated, they are more likely to have a desire to continue living at your property. This will keep you from having to perform any move-out renovations, which ultimately saves you a great deal of money. Showing your appreciation to your tenant by asking Suncoast Property Management to send a thank you card from you on their lease anniversary is a simple and inexpensive way to express your gratitude to them for being a great, consistent tenant. Another great way to let your tenant know that you acknowledge that they’ve made on-time payments every month would be to have Suncoast Property Management give a small discount upon lease renewal.


In closing, let Suncoast Property Management help you find a creative way to secure and retain qualified tenants. We are always thinking of new ways to make sure that leasing from Suncoast Property Management is a positive experience for you and your residents.