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Inventory Cataloging for Renters Insurance

By June 17, 2016 February 22nd, 2021 No Comments

Often times, when we move in to our new rental home, the last thing on our mind is renters insurance. BUT, it is an important step that we shouldn’t overlook. In order to protect yourself and your belongings, you should first take inventory of your household items. No doubt, inventorying a life’s worth of personal belongings can be a daunting and overwhelming task, particularly if you are starting with a blank canvas. Ascertaining a cash value of your household goods can become a pretty scary undertaking.

The reality is, despite how mind-boggling this chore may seem … taking inventory isn’t really so bad. And in the end, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and relief.

I’ve found a few home inventory Apps that will help to keep you anxiety level to a minimum. Check out:

  • The Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App
    • This free app documents your household items and keeps track of the purchase date, price, model and the location in your home. You can even export the details to a spreadsheet or PDF.
  • Inventory for Homeowners
    • This picture-driven property inventory app permits you to upload pictures of your personal property, which can be useful for visual proof for insurance purposes, but also for your Property Management Company. You can add details like purchase date, price, model and serial numbers. There is no limit to how many pictures or how much information can be added.
  • DreamVault
    • This American Family Insurance app lets you to upload photos and add information — price, model, serial number – much like the other features apps mentioned above but with a speech to text feature. You can sort your belongings into predefined categories and export them into reports if you like.
  • The Home Inventory
    • This particular application allows you to keep a home inventory using barcodes with its built-in scanner in addition to uploading photos and information.
  • Sortly
    • This app is designed for moving and organizing, but with value entries, also allows you to keep track of the how much your belongings are worth. It features the ability to video sort your items and attach QR labels to your personal items and track them.