Make your house feel like YOUR HOME!

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Even if home sweet home doesn’t have a mortgage attached to it, rather you pay to a property management company like us here at Suncoast Property Management, you can still turn your house into YOUR home!


As with any home, drive up appeal is important. In order to get that warm and fuzzy feeling, I suggest that you plant a few colorful flowers and maintain a nice and visually appearing lawn. If you don’t have the time, we can suggest a few inexpensive law care companies that can help you achieve your landscaping goals.  Just email us for more information.

It’s the little things

Try not to get overwhelmed with large household projects. Small, inexpensive touches in and around the house will making coming home all the more inviting. Try putting out a welcome mat at your front door.  Placing a decorative mat at your front door truly does make a big difference to you and your guests. Also, adding potted plants, wall art, and decorative decor throughout your home along with plenty of friends and family photos will tie together what you love and your personal style. Those easy additions can make a big difference in your living space, quickly turning your house into your home.

Creative Marketing

Let’s be honest. Often times, when we lease our home, it isn’t exactly the style and condition that we would have our home be if we purchased it. So I suggest that you starting thinking along the lines of “creative marketing”. For example; you could hang a nice piece of wall art over the flawed wall, place an artificial tree in the corner where the paint wasn’t cut in with care, you could place a wood chopping block over the countertop with a crack, hang window treatments to dress up the drab wall or bring more color into the room. I always like to think along the lines of “unstick the style” and you have the ability to do that through simple, personal touches.