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Summer DIY Tips to Boost Your Florida Rental

By May 16, 2021 No Comments

Summer in Florida is hot, humid, and a bit harder on landlords than the fall, winter, and spring. It’s easy to find snowbirds looking for a three or six-month rental. If you’re renting out vacation properties, the summer in Florida can be tricky.

There are ways to make your Florida rental more attractive during the summer, however. Let’s look at some of the DIY tips you can use to boost your rental properties this summer.

Invest in Security

One of the best ways to make your Florida property more attractive during the summer is a good security system. If you plan to rent out your property temporarily or for the entire summer, renters will appreciate a good home security system. They will feel safe and comfortable, whether they are staying for a week or several months.

Check the AC Unit

There’s nothing worse than finding out your AC unit isn’t working when you arrive at a vacation rental in Florida. The summer is very hot and you want to make sure your tenants have good AC in the property.

Have your AC unit serviced and make sure it’s good to go before the summer starts. This can make a big difference as it can actually help save you money compared to the unit going out unexpectedly.

Hire a Regular Cleaning Service

If you have plans to rent out your Florida home as a vacation rental in the summer, hire a good cleaning service. Find a service willing to come in when your tenants leave and clean the property for the next tenants.

Maybe you plan on renting the property weekly and the cleaning service will need to come in during a specific timeframe on a specific day. Work this out with them and make sure you have a good cleaning service ready to keep your property clean for your guests.

Check the Gutters

While Florida summers are very hot, they are not dry. It will rain nearly every day and your rental property needs to be ready for the rain. Check the gutters and make sure they are cleaned and ready for the rain. The last thing you need is puddles forming around the foundation causing bigger issues.

Make the Property Inviting

With the right decor and landscaping, you can make the property more inviting. These are all selling points for those looking to travel to Florida in the summer. Since it will be very hot, maybe you can decorate in a way to make it feel cooler inside.

You can also create a cozy outdoor area for guests to enjoy when the sun goes down. A few string lights and the right patio furniture can create the perfect little area.

Whether you’re planning to rent your property out as a vacation rental during the summer or you want a long-term tenant, making it more attractive is important. Florida is a unique place to invest due to the summer season being a bit different than the rest of the year. Prepare your property for the Florida summer and make sure you have a plan for attracting the type of tenants you prefer.