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The 6 Red Flags for Homeowners Insurance

By November 4, 2016 February 22nd, 2021 No Comments

When purchasing a home, a serious thought should go towards insuring your new place for those unexpected emergencies and disasters. So with that in mind, these 6 things make it harder and more expensive to insure your home.


1. Age of the Roof

Many companies will not insure a home with a shingle roof over 15 years old (some go to 20 years). A tile roof will raise red flags at 30 and a metal roof at 50.

2. Poly Pipes

Make sure the house is not plumbed with polybutylene plumbing, used in the 70’s and 80’s. No insurance company wants to insure a house with poly pipe.

3. Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

Federal Pacific Stab-Loc brand electric panels are a potential fire hazard. Most companies will not insure a house with one.

4. Aluminum Wiring

Used in home construction from 1965-1973, it was later discovered to be a fire hazard as the system ages.

5. Swimming Pool?

Not a problem – but a diving board or slide is. And either a screen enclosure or six foot fence with a self-locking gate must enclose the pool.

6. Know the Flood Zone

Just before closing, the mortgage company will do a Food Zone Determination. If the house is in a Special Hazard Zone, flood insurance will be required. You don’t have to wait to find out.

Be sure to call or email Suncoast Property Management if you have any questions regarding your home or if you would like more information on these red flags.