About Hudson/Tampa

Quickly attracting the attention of real estate investors, Hudson is thriving at the westernmost end of Pasco County Florida. Conveniently located near thriving Tampa/St. Petersburg Area, Hudson has seen 72% population growth over the decade. This Tampa suburb has a median home value of over 132k, a median rent of over $925, and a median household income of roughly $40k.

Residents often visit the heavily traveled Clearwater area only to stumble upon the quaint safe Hudson area and fall in love with its potential for a future place to call home! This coastal town has a uniquely low cost of living making it very desirable to those looking to enjoy South Florida sunshine while working their way up professionally, often in neighboring Tampa.

Less than an hour from the well-known, regularly attended Busch Gardens Amusement Park, major league professional sports teams, and beautiful beaches, Hudson reaps many benefits of tourist activity without the cons of overly trafficked areas. Residents of Hudson contribute to the strengthening economy while enjoying the temperate winter climate with nearly beach weather year-round!

As it is, Jacksonville is the most populous city in all of Florida. It is also the largest by land area in the contiguous United States. With such a large and growing population on an even larger land mass it is logical to see the why we have a large tenant pool. As a matter of fact, about 44% of the city’s residents are renters. This makes it easy to see why many investors flock to the housing market in Jacksonville, FL.

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