About Southwest Florida

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Florida, Southwest Florida is the perfect blend of thriving metropolis and peaceful haven for residents. The Greater Southwest Florida Area is home to over twenty unique beach towns, with the largest being Cape Coral. It’s no surprise that the area would benefit significantly from the tourism driven economic growth, with a median household income of 50k. The real estate market has also benefited from the economic growth with a median home value of $277,900 and median rent of $1,185.

Situated on the Gulf side of Florida, the area receives an in-flux of snowbirds every winter, many of whom find the area so inciting they stay for life! Less than a half hour from Florida Gulf Coast University, the area is home to many graduate students and young professionals looking for an alternative to the college-town atmosphere with further opportunity for job growth and professional development through industry.

The impressive saltwater fishing industry in Southwest Florida has also left its mark on the area and its economy. Both sport fishermen who only partake for enjoyment or full time career fishermen often call Southwest Florida home for the abundant fish population on its short distance to shore. The fishing industry coupled with the agricultural seasonal harvesting of tomatoes, beef, sugarcane, and citrus products make for a serious rental demand for a high quality, reliable product.

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