Investment Strategies


Property Acquisition:  We have developed, refined and proven our acquisition model in the Jacksonville markets. We invested millions of dollars of our personal equity into the residential housing markets to prove our process before offering investment services to others.  We have developed a network of relationships with Realtors, other investors and banks and we have tested every method of purchase from the court house steps to the internet bidding sites in order to get the absolute best purchase price.  We have purchased many properties to hold for rental income, flip to other investors, to rehab and sell as turnkey investment properties or to sell to residential home owners.  Each process is different and requires an in depth knowledge of the neighborhoods, recent market prices and trends and the typical needs of the target buyer.  We continue to oversee our own personal portfolios as well as portfolios held in partnerships we developed with individual individual high-networth investors.  We are also actively acquiring and managing properties for investment groups representing high net worth investors and institutional investors.

Property Rehabilitation:  Rehab is key to the success of the property investment.  All necessary work must be identified and estimated properly to bring the project in on budget and hitting the targeted returns.  The rehab must be completed timely to get a tenant in the property as quickly as possible and avoid idle or non-performing investment. Finally, superior quality rehab is key to minimizing post move-in maintenance cost, securing a quick rental with a quality tenant and minimizing future turnover.  We have partnered with SunCoast Property Renovations and have developed proprietary processes to manage the large volume of restoration work done as a result of our aggressive acquisition program.

Property Management:  SunCoast Property Management LLC is a company we formed with other property investors and our Building contractor.  Our goal was to create something different from the typical transaction based Realty Company property manager because our owners are investors and as such, our focus is on return on investment for our investors.  Because of our investor focus and our own acquisition program, the company has continued to grow and gain experience and expertise.  This growing presence and brand awareness has expanded our ability to attract good tenants for our properties greatly reducing vacant time on market. The company is under the direction of a licensed broker and staffed with experienced property management personnel.

Property Sales:  Our exit strategy begins at the time of purchase.  Some market areas yield higher investment income while others offer a more active resale market.  Some partners want to focus on targeted investments based on their expectation of what markets are most likely to recover quicker in the future.

Turnkey Investment Properties:  We offer a large selection of turnkey investment opportunities, everything from one single family residential to packages of 100 or more homes.  On a more limited basis we also offer multifamily rentals.  Whether you are looking to buy one investment property or a package of 100 our process is the same.  Each property you buy will come with the following:

  • The property will have been fully renovated to meet the requirements of HUD and the Jacksonville Housing Authority.
  • The property will be rented with a quality tenant who has been credit and background checked
  • The property is under management with a licensed property manager

Joint Venture Portfolio Development:  Due to the requirements of existing investment partners, we are not currently seeking new joint venture investment partners.  In the past we have often created a jointly owned company with potential partners to target a specific investment strategy.  Those partnerships have proven to be quite successful and generated vary attractive returns. If you are interested in learning more about the Joint Venture Portfolio Development program please send us your contact information.  Someone will contact you and ask a short series of questions to determine if you would be eligible for one of our Joint Ventures and advise you when those programs will resume.


Southeast Premier Properties LLC was formed through a partnership with Bradley Construction to acquire, develop, lease and/or sell commercial properties to commercial tenants with a focus on top quality, credit worthy national chains.  Southeast Premier Properties owns or controls many attractive building sites and works with quality tenants and credit worthy national chains.  These negotiations can take on many forms depending on the needs of the client.  The most common of our transactions include the following:

  • Outright sale of the land
  • Ground lease
  • Build to suit then lease
  • Build to suit then sell

In the instances where there is an ongoing ground lease or property lease, Southeast Premier Properties is offering the property for sale at market based CAP rates. In all instances, properties offered will have the following characteristics.

  • 10 to 15 year triple net leases
  • Well-built structures made to last with limited maintenance
  • Strong credit worthy tenants

To learn more about our Commercial Division partner, Bradley Construction, visit their website at: